Season’s Greetings!

Talk of Many Things wishes its readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010.

GTM360 Marketing Solutions and Talk of Many Things wish its customers, partners, associates and readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011.

widgets01_150wWe acknowledge with thanks the following tools introduced in 2010 that have helped enrich Talk of Many Things.

  • Ever since reCAPTCHAs started becoming more and more complex to crack, we replaced the standard WordPress commenting system which made use of reCAPTCHAs with the Disqus comments platform this year. Disqus supports full integration with Facebook, Twitter, and more, and lets readers login, comment and share using social networks they already use.
  • The Lijjit Search Widget you see on the right panel of the homepage of this blog aggregates our content from all over the world wide web into a single location.
  • We’ve used PollDaddy to deepen reader engagement with our blog by letting them vote on our views.
  • Finally, for readers who wish to automatically receive new posts on their email inbox, there’s the FeedBurner Subscription Widget.

Thank you for your continued interest in Talk of Many Things and look forward to staying in touch through 2011.

Before signing off, let’s leave you with the list of the ten most viewed posts published on Talk of Many Things in 2010:

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  5. FIs Can Bolster Equity Participation Only By Mitigating Risk

  6. How Humanlike Are Virtual Agents?

  7. Have Your Overdraft And Eat It Too!

  8. Suggestions For The Indian Software Product Industry

  9. Google Versus LinkedIN Advertising Rekindles The Quantity Versus Quality

  10. Save Money By Using Credit Cards!

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