Launching HEATMAP360

Even if your company is not on social media, your prospects, customers, employees and other stakeholders invariably are.

In recent times, more and more people are resorting to social media to seek help for their problems, rave or rant about products and services, shower bouquets or rain brickbats about their work atmosphere, and do lots more. Since social media updates are written in informal language and are full of slang and abbreviations, they’re much more difficult to interpret than structured messages sent conventionally via email, fax or letter. At the same time, they’re out in the open and can’t be ignored. What businesses need is a simple way of monitoring the social media buzz that’s of interest to them and the ability to take take timely action to both reinforce their positive image and counter negative perceptions about themselves.

Enter HEATMAP360.

Negative Market Reaction to Company News

Negative Market Reaction to Company News

HEATMAP360 is a cloud-based application that portrays the social media sentiment of a chosen topic on a realtime dashboard. The application is powered by an algorithm that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover the sentiment of relevant tweets. HEATMAP360 is ideally suited for topics of interest – or “keyword profiles” as we call them – such as companies (e.g. WIPRO), brands (e.g. IPAD) and stock ticker symbols (e.g. MSFT), although it can also be used with reasonably accurate results for any entity that has a distinctive identity on social media.

Businesses can use HEATMAP360 to

  1. Spot Brand Advocates

    Spot Brand Advocates

    Instantly gauge market reaction to company news, announcements, ads and promos

  2. Engage with brand advocates to spread the good word around
  3. Identify prospective customers among people who are seeking help
  4. Ringfence dissatisfied customers from competitors
  5. Prevent poaching of disgruntled employees by rivals

and much more!

For more information and featured heatmaps, click here.

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