To Pinterest Or Not To Pinterest?

With all the recent buzz around Pinterest, our inboxes have been flooded with several white papers and blog posts on the relevance of the latest social media network for B2B.

After a quick glance at its website, we realized that it was easier to simply jump aboard Pinterest than to keep mulling over whether to join it or not. So, we went ahead and signed up for Pinterest and set up a few pinboards covering our offerings, blog and marketing collateral templates. You can view our pins by clicking the Pinterest button added to the social media panel located on upper right corner of all pages of our website or the below image.


Social Media Panel on GTM360 Website

Even as we write this, we realize that we’re adding one more blog post on the relevance of Pinterest for B2B. Like us, you could head right over to Pinterest and sign up for an account for your company instead of reading this post any further. Having said that, we know that in several companies – including all our former employers – it might take several months of discussions between marketing, sales, IT and other stakeholders before a decision like this can be taken.┬áIn our case, we decided to cut to the chase and go ahead with Pinterest quickly, confident that we can always pull out our pinboards anytime if we find that they don’t attract the B2B type of traffic that forms our target audience.

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