Very Un Self-fulfilling Prophecy & My Attempt At Very Short List

Ever since I read about it in a Business Week article on the effectiveness of email newsletters, I’ve been very impressed with VeryShortList. While not as short as Twitter’s 140-character microblogs, VSL’s mini blog posts strike the right balance between detail and extreme brevity. Here’s my attempt at creating a VSL.

I recently quit from i-flex / Oracle (more on my future plans in a later post). After my resignation was accepted by the company, I was eager to call up my close colleagues and let them know about my decision before they started hearing about it from the grapevine. But, the more people I called, the wider the grapevine spread, so the remaining people heard about my decision from the grapevine before I managed to tell them. That’s when I realized what an un self-fulfilling prophecy this would turn out to be!

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