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Here's a list of my favorite quotes. I apologize if some of them do not match ad verbatim with their original versions.



"There are some things more important than money."

"Most things are more important than money, but you need money to accomplish all of them."

- pp 211-212, "the whole truth" by David Baldacci



"What's your take on Champ Pollion? Let me guess, he was first in his class at MIT."

"No, he actually was second in his class at the Indian Institute of Technology, a school many in the field consider even more prestigious."

- pp 118-119, "Simple Genius" by David Baldacci, 2007



Q: If you are so smart, why are you not rich? - Wall Street Bond Trader to a Harvard Professor
A: If you are so rich, why are you not smart? - Reply from the Harvard Professor



Middle initials, like in Jesus H. Christ, Harry S. Truman, often mean nothing. They are there only to decorate the name ... like the I in CIA.


Sign in a nouveau riche bar: Better nouveau than never.

Al Capone: You can achieve a lot more with a smile and a gun than with a smile alone.

Empathy: (Bruce) Springsteen doesn't know what a 40-hour workweek feels like, but he knows how a 40-hour workweek makes you feel.

Michael Schumacher is so successful that the only exciting part of the race is the one that happens behind him.

If the pilferage from Wal-Mart were incorporated into a separate company, that company would rank 276 on the FORTUNE 500 list.

New York City Subway crime increased 12% in 2005. But, if you take away iPod related crimes, the crime rate actually dropped 8%.






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